As a researcher/content producer I worked for a couple of months on the science-tv-show Pavlov.

NTR, Hilversum, NL, May 2012 – Sept 2012
Researcher/content producer Pavlov – Season 4 (8×30 min, NTR, Ned 3)
In Pavlov we take a prominent Dutch guest on a journey through science. My task was to select and invite guests, find a scientific theme/angle and select or come up with 5 scientific experiments and meetings.

At the NPS (which is now ntr:) I worked for 7 months on the children’s infotainment show Het Klokhuis.

NPS, Hilversum, NL, Jan 2010 – July 2010
Researcher/producer, Het Klokhuis (Daily, 16 min, NPS, Ned 3)
Researching and preparing the content of several episodes for the filming of this daily infotainment show for children. A show about how stuff works, from science to culture.

A few of the episodes I worked on:

Before that  I worked for six months at Teleac/NOT (which is now also NTR:). First I worked on a pilot for a new popular-science-show. We transformed a basic idea into an actual show. The pilot was called Waan/zin, the actual show that originated from that is Echt Niet!?. After this pilot I worked from Hilversum on a language/cultural show about Spain called Op z’n Spaans.

Teleac/NOT, Hilversum, NL, Jan 2008 – Jun 2008
Researcher/producer Op z’n Spaans (8×25 min. Teleac, Ned 2)
Researcher at the office. Finding Dutch ‘locals’ in Spain. Setting up thecontent for the trip by a TV-crew to travel through Spain. Managing contacts, researching activities on location, combining the different elementsin a series of episodes.
Researcher/producer Waan/zin (What would Einstein do?), pilot (1×25 min. Teleac, Ned 3)
Creation and development of an idea into a tv-format and pilot. A celebrity science quiz (a bit like the BBC-format Q.I.). Research of the diverse possibilities in scientific content. Turned about to be a show of eight episodes titled ‘Echt niet!?’