At BNN I venture(d) into the gray area of a semi-scienceshow. With Proefkonijnen (Test Rabbits / Guinea Pigs / Lab Rats) we made a show that is firstly (and very) entertaining with items that found their origing in crazy questions. The answers, however, could always be strengthened by science. I also did the research for new experiments for the second season.

What happens when you loose control of your brain? Could you keep an elephant as a pet? Can you drink your own sweat in the desert? And how does human meat taste?

There was quite a bit of international commotion about an experiment we did 🙂

BNN, Hilversum, NL
Sept 2011 – Jan 2012
Researcher/producer Proefkonijnen (8×40 min, BNN, Ned 3)
Attracted as science editor. Creating content for this semi-science tv show. Science answers to crazy questions. Research, screening guests, writing scripts (on location and studio), editing background files.