What does a guy do with a website? Well, as a regular word-doc CV is usually quite boring, I hope you’ll enjoy this a bit more. At least you can see some examples of Tv-shows I used to work on, my working experience around the world and the result of the creative whims I have every once in a while.

What am I? I guess I could call myself a content editor/producer with a knack for science, but I like to call myself a visual storyteller. Creating the content for all kinds of media. I just love to take the seed of an idea and develop that into a full-grown media product, be it a full series of tv-episodes, online media or just a short tv-item. The challenge is always to keep the audience hooked or spark their interest. The least you can accomplish is that the next day, your audience will remember and spread your story. Far better of course is if the item is the talk of the day.

Create many sparks and eventually there  will be fire!

If you want to know more about me, just follow the twitter/facebook/last.fm/linkedin links on the left. And if the links don’t satisfy you, feel free to contact me!