Since October 2012, I’ve been living on Saba, a gorgeous tiny island in the Caribbean. Saba is paradise. Saba is small. It requires some creativity to find your professional niche in this society, where anything is possible and at the same time every possibility has its limits.

Currently I am the Programs Coordinator / Manager at the Body, Mind & Spirit Foundation, which was established as the AIDS Support Group Saba in 1990 and has been working towards public awareness concerning sexual health, human rights and general well-being for all on Saba.


Until May 2015 I was the General Manager of SABARC, the Saba Archaeological Center. The main purpose of SABARC is to protect Saba’s heritage and to make it tangible to anybody interested. Together with the government we’re developping the Saba Heritage Center in Windwardside, we take care of archaeological excavations and run a community project, where we involve the local youth and community as much as possible in ‘Uncovering Our Heritage’.
Not being an archaeologist didn’t stop me here and I am lucky enough to do this job until a qualified archaeologist comes to the island.

Next to my regular work I am also president of the Saba Volleyball Association, where we govern the local competition and the spur the players to form ‘national’ teams. As a regional member of the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association (ECVA) and NORCECA, Saba has the unique opportunity to participate in official international tournaments.

Until April 2014 I worked at the Saba Conservation Foundation as Communications Officer and Trail Shop Associate.

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